Terms of use of the Kazdream Technologies logo

These rules regulate the noncommercial use of the logo of «Kazdream Technologies» LLP (hereinafter - Kazdream).

  1. Anyone can place the Kazdream logo on their website or in a mobile application, subject to the Rules. To use the logo in any other way, you need to obtain written permission from Kazdream by contacting info@kazdream.kz
  2. Логотип можно размещать только с прямой ссылкой на официальный сайт Kazdream Technologies — https://kazdream.kz
  3. The appearance, proportions and color scheme of the logo or its parts cannot be distorted. In addition, you can not use the logo or its parts as elements of other logos, trademarks, company names, slogans, and etc.
  4. You can’t place the logo in such a way that there may be an assumption about the cooperation of Kazdream with any company (person) or involvement of Kazdream in the offered goods, services or events
  1. The Kazdream logo may not be placed on sites and in mobile applications that do not meet the requirements of the law, including the following: false information about Kazdream and its services; materials, the placement of which violates intellectual rights, defames honor, dignity or business reputation, or does not comply with the principles of Kazdream
  2. Kazdream оставляет за собой право вносить в Правила изменения. Такие изменения будут обязательными для всех лиц, использующих логотип на основании Правил. Действующая редакция Правил всегда размещается по адресу https://kazdream.kz/press
  3. If the logo is used in ways not stipulated by the Rules, Kazdream reserves the right to apply to the law enforcement and judicial authorities for the protection of its legitimate interests

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