Since 2014, we have been developing products in the field of information security and operational search activities.

«I believe that our IT solutions are changing the world for the better. This gives us a lot of strength and confidence. «Kazdream» team is known far outside Kazakhstan and our company is entrusted with the execution of complex tasks. It is a great honor for me to work with you, kazdreamers, I will not let you down!»

Dauren Tulebayev
CEO, founder of the company

Area of work

  • Data collection, monitoring and analysis systems for social Internet platforms
  • Services to identify anonymous Internet accounts
  • Intelligent tools for voice, speech and face recognition
  • Processing and analysis of large amounts of data
  • Means of operative and tracing actions
  • Special technical means for the implementation of operative and tracing activity (OTA)
  • Complexes for information security providing (DLP)
  • Software products in the field of public safety

History of creation

It all started in 2014 with a small group of like-minded people who wanted to improve the safety level of people and society in our country through the development and implementation of new technologies.

For a long time, we collected data from a huge number of sources. Many experiments have made it possible to create tools that extract the useful information from large amounts of unrelated data.

Right now, government and business are getting knowledge and calls to action through our products.

We want to be in the top of technology companies in the world and we aim to solve people's problems.

how we make products

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